Ecoflam Max 4 Oil Burner Control Box THERMOWAT E-BCU OIL with cables

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Ecoflam  Max 4 Oil Burner Control THERMOWAT E-BCU OIL with cables

Ecoflam New  Max 4 Oil Burner Control THERMOWAT E-BCU OIL with cables
The E-BCU OIL fuel oil control and safety unit controls and monitors the forced draught burner. The microprocessor- controlled
program sequence ensures maximum stability of time periods, regardless of fluctuations in the power supply or ambient temperature.
The design of the automatic combustion control unit protects it from the effects of brownouts. Whenever the supply voltage drops
below its rated minimum level (170 V), the control unit shuts down - even in the absence of a malfunction signal. The control unit
switches itself back on again once the voltage has exceeded the 178 V.
Locking and unlocking the system
The control unit can be locked (switched to malfunction) and unlocked (malfunction cleared) by pressing the R reset button, provided

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