Aga - Rayburn Sealant Pumpable 120 600ML R6410

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Aga - Rayburn Sealant Pumpable 120   600ML R6410

Sealant used for fixing and repair of Burner Chamber Insulation



DESCRIPTION  Isofrax Mastics are insulation materials composed of Isofrax alkaline earth silicate wool dispersed in high temperature binders, which upon drying produce a strong insulating structure with low thermal conductivity. These versatile products can be can be caulked, trowelled, pumped or moulded quickly and easily into place for use in filling, sealing, repair and general packing applications. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Isofrax Mastics have the following outstanding characteristics:  Low thermal conductivity  Resistance to thermal shock  Low shrinkage  Good adhesion  Ease of installation

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS  Caulking of refractory cracks & expansion joints  Casing "hot spot" repairs (refractory or fibre lined equipment)  Moulding of small components  Gap filling in fibre module linings

INSTALLATION & DRYING PROCEDURES Installation Isofrax Pumpable Mastic can be easily installed by using approved equipment. Details of recommended pump units, applicator tools and caulking guns are available upon request from your nearest Unifrax office. Isofrax Mouldable Mastics can be easily installed using a trowel or spatula. Drying Isofrax Mastics can be dried at room temperature but this requires an extended period of time. Therefore forced air heating at 100°C is recommended. Firing or heat up of the equipment or furnace will allow for quicker removal of moisture from the material. During the first firing, some initial out-gassing can be expected at elevated temperatures. Ventilation is required to permit escape of steam

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